Free Bananas!

Want some free bananas? Who doesn’t! They’re good for you. Simply back any Block Monkies NFT with WAX tokens on the AtomicHub marketplace, and you’ll earn yourself a FREE limited edition banana NFT. You keep your monkey, and you keep your WAX. It’s a gift from the Block Monkies crew… to you!

Back your Block Monkies NFT with:

  • 10 WAX tokens to earn a Basic Banana
    (limited edition of 100)
10 WAX Banana
  • 25 WAX tokens to earn a Cosmic Banana
    (limited edition of 50)

Be sure to send a Tweet and mention the Asset ID of the Block Monkies you fed. Rewarding bananas is a manual process, so please be patient. You can view all Banana Collectors here.